Natural resource contracts as a tool for managing the

least some mining contracts publicly available, Burkina Faso, Cameroon, DRC, Guinea, Liberia, Mozambique, and Sierra Leone have all negotiated mining agreements in recent years. A number of Asian countries with young mining sectors also negotiate contracts, including Af

Implementing an Ebola Vaccine Study — Sierra Leone

Trial Design and Ethical Considerations. Early data from Sierra Leone suggested that health care workers (HCWs) had a 100-fold higher risk for Ebola than the general community (3); therefore, the study population was selected to include all staff at health care facilities (i.e., clinical and nonclinical workers) and other Ebola frontline workers (e.g., surveillance, burial, and ambulance team

International arbitration: the key

Jun 04, 2020In May 2019, Ottawa-based campaign group and mining industry watchdog MiningWatch Canada published a report analysing the 38 known mining arbitration cases in Latin America over the last 20 years, and found that a third were related to indigenous rights and community consent, while more than half of the cases disputed actions taken for

DFS reinforces Engeb as a world class rutile and garnet

Introduction and highlights. 5 Overarching ESG goals Climate responsibility • Energy efficient mining and processing operations • Emphasize use of renewable energy • Evaluate electrification of mining equipment • Create a working environment with high health and safety standards • Strive for gender equality and diversity • Safeguard the health of surrounding neighbors and

Cultural Information

Canadian mining companies have also been identified as engaging projects that have received criticism from civil society organizations and affected communities. Canada signed a free trade agreement with Honduras and it came into force on October 1, 2014, which is a source of pride for Honduras. Labour and environmental side agreements were also

Assessing impacts of mining: Recent contributions from GIS

Jul 01, 20191. Introduction. Mining is one of few industries that change entire landscapes, making it the source of a variety of impacts (see Bebbington et al., 2008; Mudd, 2010).These impacts are geographical in nature, as mines are unevenly distributed around the world and disproportionately affect the communities or ecosystems nearest to them (Sonter et al., 2014).

Minerals in Conflict

In an effort to increase transparency and accountability of the diamond trade, Sierra Leone has launched the first online mining database in West Africa. The database will post all revenue data on extracted natural resources and identify which mining companies are legally authorized to operate.

Digging in the Dirt

for mining-related activities in the country's diamond mines. The implications of the Government of Sierra Leone's failure to ensure the rights of the country's children are two-fold: First, the practice of child mining is driven by the Government's failure to enforce laws prohibiting

Angle of Repose Method / Measurement / Calculator / Test

GranuHeap instrument is an automated heap shape measurement method based on image processing and analysis. A powder heap is created on a cylindrical support with an initialization tube. After filling the initialization tube by hand with a fixed volume of powder, the tube goes up at the constant speed.

Guidelines for preparing applications and technical

mining method (e.g. whether it is a small-scale surface mining operation or a large-scale underground or open-pit mine), the size and extent of the mineralization, its geographical location and natural environment, and the extent to which mining will impact on local communities.

Crispin Buckle

• Develop testing methods for measuring accuracy of volumetric equipment used in Sierra Leone market places. • Write Standards Operating Procedures (SOP) for Metrology field study investigations. • Supervise the maintenance of records entering of all activities and events in

Public Participation Guide: Introduction to Public

Public participation is a process, not a single event. It consists of a series of activities and actions by a sponsor agency over the full lifespan of a project to both inform the public and obtain input from them. Public participation affords stakeholders (those that have an interest or stake in an issue, such as individuals, interest groups, communities) the opportunity to influence

Sierra Leone : Constitution and politics

He is the leader of the All People's Congress () which had previously ruled Sierra Leone from 1967 to 1992. A civil war in 1991 led to the removal of the from power. When the war ended in 2002, the nominated Ernest Bai Koroma as its Presidential Candidate in elections held that year. He became the Minority Leader in Parliament from

World mineral statistics data

The British Geological Survey (BGS) and its predecessor organisations have compiled production and trade statistics on a wide range of mineral commodities since 1913. As part of our ongoing work to make these data more accessible we have created an online tool which allows users to extract the data in Microsoft Excel format.

Climate Change and surface flooding in Sierra Leone

Recent surface over flooding in the capital city of Freetown shows that despite routine construction works being done by renowned engineers in the country, Sierra Leone is still yet to cope and resist the forces of nature and withstand flooding and heavy storm despite the structural street design being put in

Mining and Exploration

Canadian mining company Lucara Diamonds reports a net loss of $3.2 million in Q1, a result of the continued strain on the diamond mining industry and decreased revenues from sales, despite the fact that operations at Karow have continued throughout the crisis and production was in line with guidance.

Land Deals in Africa: Sierra Leone

We Harvest--You Profit: African Land Ltd's Land Deal in Sierra Leone. From rising food prices to growing demand for biofuel, the current obsession for agricultural land borders on speculative mania as private companies, hedge funds, private equity funds, and sovereign wealth funds join the land rush looking for lucrative deals in the developing world.


Work was also undertaken to prepare for the introduction of proposed modern slavery legislation by the Australian Government, including the development of a human rights vendor screening and assessment process. Operating in Sierra Leone. The mining process has since been revised to undertake open cast (dry) mining as the primary method

Assessing impacts of mining: Recent contributions from

01.07.2019Introduction. Mining is one of few industries that change entire landscapes, review the use of RS and GIS to examine the environmental impacts of surface coal mining from the 1960s to ca. 1993. They note that improvements in satellite imagery (specifically moving from Landsat MSS to Landsat TM with higher resolution imagery) fostered significant improvements in the mapping of current and


This course provides a non-technical introduction to the use and management of cyanide on a global basis. The course is designed to provide the global picture of cyanide use and how it compares with other chemicals used around the world. Cyanide is used in gold mining operations, however, there is much confusion regarding the real impact of

Culture of Sierra Leone

Sierra Leone is located on the west coast of Africa, north of the equator. With a land area of 27,699 square miles (71,740 square kilometers), it is slightly smaller than the state of South Carolina. Sierra Leone is bounded by Guinea to the north and northeast, Liberia to the south and southeast, and the Atlantic Ocean to the west.

Diamond mining halted at Sierra Leone's Koidu mine

Sierra. Leone halts mining after 2 die in diamond riots. By Katrina Manson. 14th December 2007. FREETOWN (Reuters) - Sierra Leone ordered the country's biggest diamond mine to suspend operations on Friday pending an investigation into riots in which two people died and several were hospitalised in the eastern mining town of Koidu.

Sierra Leone Multi

Sierra Leone Multi-City Hazard Review and Risk Assessment : Technical Methodology and Summary of Results : Final Report (English) Abstract. This report describes the methods and data used to carry out the different analyses for the natural hazard and risk assessment undertaken for each of the three cities (Freetown, Makeni, and Bo) assessed as part of this project.

Sierra Leone Mining Industry News Monitoring Service

Sierra Leone Mining Industry News Monitoring Service. Get by Email • RSS. Published on 20:02 GMT. NASA Satellite Data, Analysis Helps Make Earth Better Washington, D.C. – NASA says the number of illegal gold mines in the Amazon is increasing so fast that activists have turned to satellite imagery to identify them. Still, with thousands of new mines a year, the work was overwhelming

PRO4 Training Simulator for Surface Mining

PRO4 Training Simulator for Surface Mining Professional grade full HD 180 frontal projection system provides uninterrupted views, high clarity and the highest level of immersion. Provides a dynamic view of the training environment and improved depth perception.

Sierra Leone Multi

Sierra Leone Multi-City Hazard Review and Risk Assessment : Technical Methodology and Summary of Results : Final Report (Ingls) Resumo. This report describes the methods and data used to carry out the different analyses for the natural hazard and risk assessment undertaken for each of the three cities (Freetown, Makeni, and Bo) assessed as part of this project.


in adapting the SDGs in Sierra Leone It is against the above background that Sierra Leone has seen the SDGs as a timely opportunity to overcome development challenges ahead. We have therefore volunteered for the review at the July 2016 High Level Political Forum (HLPF) of the progress that Sierra Leone has made in

Ebola Virus Epidemiology, Transmission, and Evolution

Introduction. The 2013–2015 Western African Ebola virus disease (EVD) epidemic, caused by the Ebola virus (EBOV) Makona variant (Kuhn et al., 2014), is the largest EVD outbreak to date, with 26,648 cases and 11,017 deaths documented as of May 8, 2015 ().The outbreak, first declared in March 2014 in Guinea and traced back to the end of 2013 (Baize et al., 2014), has also devastated the

3M Sample Collection: Microbial Surface Sampling

Quality without compromise — 3M™ Sample Collection, Preparation Processing Better testing begins with better samples — and better samples are obtained when you use the best collection tools. 3M™ Sample Collection provides quality products designed specifically for microbial surface sampling.


JOHANNESBURG (miningweekly) – Design, build and operate project companies Evolve Mining and AMC have an approach to mine development and operation that is attracting attention. Evolve Mining designs for the lowest cost per tonne and AMC then mines at the guaranteed cost per tonne. Evolve is headed by Trevor Garden and Graham Mitchell-Innes and AMC by Warwick Hughes and

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