Convert gigajoule to tonne of coal equivalent

We assume you are converting between gigajoule and tonne of coal equivalent. You can view more details on each measurement unit: gigajoule or tonne of coal equivalent The SI derived unit for energy is the joule. 1 joule is equal to 1.0E-9 gigajoule, or 3.4120842375357E-11 tonne of coal equivalent.

Estimation of Energy Content of Municipal Solid Waste

Determine the Energy Value of a Typical Municipal Solid Waste With an Average Composition Shown in Table 1. It is recommended that you use an electronic spreadsheet when you do this problem. Table 1. Waste Composition Component Wet Weight, lb Percent

Calorific Value

31.07.2017LPG has more calorific value when compared to diesel, petrol, and kerosene. A detailed list of foods and their calorific values: The calorific value of food indicates the total amount of energy, a human body could generate during its metabolism which is expressed in Kilojoules per 100 grams or 100 ml. The calorific value of food is generally expressed in kilocalories i.e. kcal.

Gross Calorific Value

Gross calorific value, also known as higher heating value (HHV), is determined by measuring the heat released when coal is burned in a constant-volume calorimeter, with an intitial oxygen pressure of 2 to 4 MPA, and when the combustion products are cooled to a final temperature between 20 and 35C. Coal is a porous medium, and these pores, especially in low rank coals, can contain substantial

Coal Testing, Sampling, Analysis Inspection

Although there are other sources of energy like petroleum and natural gas, the advantage that Coal offers relative to them is its ease of combustion and the high calorific/heat value associated with it. Coal occurs in four main types or ranks: Lignite or brown coal, bituminous or black coal

Gross calorific value to define coal pricing

Jan 21, 2013Coal India Ltd, a Maharatna company, is set to usher in a new era of pricing by benchmarking coal on the basis of its gross calorific value (GCV) from the 2012 calendar year. However, the transition to GCV pricing would be in phases, to assist sectors having huge discounts now.

Heat values of various fuels

Heat Values of Various Fuels. August 2018. The heat value of a fuel is the amount of heat released during its combustion. Also referred to as energy or calorific value, heat value is a measure of a fuel's energy density, and is expressed in energy (joules) per specified amount (e.g. kilograms).

Reflectance spectroscopy based rapid determination of coal

In this work, the reflectance spectroscopy of 212 coal samples of different origins was investigated across the Vis-NIR-SWIR range (wavelength: 350–2500 nm) to estimate their ash, moisture, volatile matter, fixed carbon content and gross calorific value (GCV).

Our Coal Assets

Average calorific value above 4,200 GAR; READ MORE STT Mining Concession. 4,500 ha in Kutai Barat, East Kalimantan; 1-25 million tonnes of coal quantity; Average calorific value range from 6,197 to 7,934 GAR; READ MORE *Coal reserves and coal quantity as of 31 December 2018. BACK TO TOP. About Us. Our Business; Our Coal

Calorific Value of Different Agricultural Forest Waste

Calorific Value The calorific or heating value is an important indicator of the quality of pressed fuel briquettes . It measures the energy content of the briquettes. It is defined as the amount of heat evolved when a pressed fuel briquette is completely burnt and the combustion products are cooled. The Gross Caloric Value, shortened []

Natural Gas Prices and Calorific value – AONG website

The calorific value for gas is the amount of heat energy released from burning 1 meter cubed of gas. The calorific value changes from gas to gas due to the composition of the gas. The calorific value for gas is measured in (KJ/m3) or BTU.


The fixed carbon content of the coal is the carbon found in the material which is left after volatile materials are driven off. This differs from the ultimate carbon content of the coal because some carbon is lost in hydrocarbons with the volatiles Calorific value, measured in Btu is the amount of chemical energy stored in a coal that is

Different Types of Coal

Jul 31, 2017Heating value 33,500 to 34,750 KJ/Kg. Semi Anthracite Coal: Semi anthracite coal is harder than Bituminous coal; Heating value 33,500 to 34,750 KJ/Kg. Costly for power generation. Anthracite coal: Purest form; High carbon content. Less heating value; Less ash; Scars; Less calorific value. Super Anthracite coal: Heat coal, with shining black surface

Coal Calorific Value Meter Laboratory Bomb Calorimeter For

The automatic calorimeter is mainly used for the determination of calorific value of combustibles in thermal detection institutions and coal standard analysis, and is widely used in various industries such as coal detection, petroleum, chemical, wood, scientific research, food and so on.

Bituminous Coal Characteristics and Applications

Jan 29, 2020Bituminous coal combustion releases more pollution into the air than sub-bituminous coal combustion, but due to its greater heat content, less of the fuel is required to produce electricity. As such, bituminous and sub-bituminous coals produce approximately the same amount of pollution per kilowatt of electricity generated.

Energy value of coal

The calorific value Q of coal [kJ/kg] is the heat liberated by its complete combustion with oxygen. Q is a complex function of the elemental composition of the coal. Q can be determined experimentally using calorimeters. Dulong suggests the following approximate formula for Q

Calorific Value Russian Translation

Calorific value of 21.8 MJ/ kg, low ash content of 0.38% and humidity of 4% increases the efficiency and extends the life of your equipment. Теплотворность 21, 8 мдж/ кг, низкая зольность, 38% и влажность 4% увеличивает эффективность и продлевает срок работы вашего оборудования.

Reflectance spectroscopy based rapid determination of coal

In this work, the reflectance spectroscopy of 212 coal samples of different origins was investigated across the Vis-NIR-SWIR range (wavelength: 350–2500 nm) to estimate their ash, moisture, volatile matter, fixed carbon content and gross calorific value (GCV).

Rapid Determination of the Gross Calorific Value of Coal

16.03.2017Online measurement for the gross calorific value (GCV) of coal is important in the coal utilization industry. This paper proposed a rapid GCV determination method that combined a laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy (LIBS) technique with artificial neural networks (ANNs) and genetic algorithm (GA). Input variables were selected according to the physical mechanism and mathematical

Coal Calculations

These calculations are used to calculate various skeleton parameters including ash and calorific value that let you determine the grades of your coal. SGS global teams of chemists and experts use a range of coal analytical calculations and indexes to arrive at the calorific values, total hydrogen, Coke Reactivity Index (CRI) and Coke Strength after Reaction (CSR) of your coal sample.


The calorific values used to convert physical tonnes of coal and coal products into energy for the OECD Coal Balance data. (13 products + 2 aggregates; 14 flows; 36 countries). The aggregates, hard coal and brown coal, are included for years prior to 1978 only. Coal Statistics OECD.ivt OECD, Coal Supply and Consumption with Full OECD 2017 Data

Formulas for calculating the heating value of coal and

A new correlation developed to calculate calorific (heating) value of coal and char from their elemental composition is significantly better than other similar correlations. The correlation was developed by means of regression analysis of a large data bank of US coals. A new correlation was needed because of the more accurate heating value

Energy Billing Service

Calorific value: A measure of the energy contained in gas. It represents the amount of heat released as the gas is burned. It represents the amount of heat released as the gas is burned. Climate Change Levy: This is a levy (or tax) introduced by the Government on 1st April 2001 on the use of energy in industry, commerce and the public sector.

Typical calorific values of fuels

Net calorific value (CV) or Lower Heating Value (LHV) given for all fuels. This means that the latent heat of vaporization of the water vapour created by combustion is not recovered by condensation . Fuel: Net CV by mass: Bulk density: Energy density by volume: GJ/tonne: kWh/kg: kg/m 3: MJ/m 3: kWh/m 3: Wood chips (30% MC) 12.5: 3.5: 250: 3,100: 870: Log wood (stacked - air dry: 20% MC) 14.7

calorific value

Jul 03, 2020Noun. The amount of energy produced by the complete combustion of a material or fuel. Measured in units of energy per amount of material, e.g. kJ/kg. quotations . The engine was fired with Welsh (Bedwas) coal having a calorific value of 13,800 B.T.U. per lb. as received, and 13,970 B.T.U. per lb. in the dry condition.

Coal instructions

gross calorific value is equal to or greater than 24 000 kJ/kg on an ash-free but moist basis. If bituminous coal is used in coke ovens it should be reported as coking coal. 2. Sub-bituminous coal: Non-agglomerating coal with a gross calorific value equal to or greater than 20 000 kJ/kg and less

Reflectance spectroscopy based rapid determination of coal

In this work, the reflectance spectroscopy of 212 coal samples of different origins was investigated across the Vis-NIR-SWIR range (wavelength: 350–2500 nm) to estimate their ash, moisture, volatile matter, fixed carbon content and gross calorific value (GCV).


FUELS HIGHER CALORIFIC VALUES The calorific value of a fuel is the quantity of heat produced by its combustion - at constant pressure and under normal (standard) conditions (i.e. to 0oC and under a pressure of 1,013 mbar). The combustion process generates water vapor and certain techniques may be used to recover the quantity of heat

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